Heat Pump Refrigeration & Appliance Repairs Pty Ltd - Unit 3A / 12 Maxwells Road Cambridge Tasmania 7170

Everyone needs a refrigerator – nowadays it’s essential to everyday life. We understand that when your refrigerator stops working properly you need to get it fixed and quickly.
 Heat Pump Refrigeration Appliance Repairs is a reliable and professional repair service company committed to helping you ensure that your everyday home appliances are functioning properly. We pride ourselves on our services, from preventative maintenance to repairs on most makes and models of refrigerators.
 Call Heat Pump Refrigeration Appliance Repairs for ANY job involving your home’s refrigerator- big or small. Our skillful technicians have the training and the experience to handle your problem quickly and efficiently.  You can trust Heat Pump Refrigeration Appliance Repairs to handle your appliance and your home with care. With up to date training, excellent service and state of the art equipment, we are confident that whatever your refrigeration needs, Heat Pump Refrigeration Appliance Repairs will exceed your expectations!

Example Refrigeration Problems Include:
•Refrigerator not cold enough
•Excessive sweating in fresh food compartment
•Excessive frosting in freezer
•Refrigerator leaks water
•Refrigerator is warm